We offer the most extensive range of high quality Ultra Violet lamps and equipment available in Australasia.

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air disinfection

Germicidal Ultra-violet lamps installed in air conditioning systems protect occupants from harmful airborne microbes including bacteria, moulds, viruses and Legionnaires Disease in new and old ducts.

Models are also available for portable use, fixed to walls and included in all air conditioning systems. Ultra-violet air disinfection is used extensively in the Food and Dairy Industries, Hospitals, Laboratories, Operating Theatres, Office Buildings, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Casinos, Hotels, Mortuaries and Surgeries.


Germicidal Ultra-violet helps cut energy and operational costs. Ultra-violet destroys surface bio-film which is prevalent in air conditioning systems and can lead to a host of indoor air quality problems. Ultra-violet also destroys airborne viruses and micro-organisms that circulate through these systems. Helps reduce staff absenteeism and improves productivity. High output Ultra-violet positioned irradiating the fins of the coil, will keep it free of biofilm and other contaminated build up. Reduces the high maintenance expense of manual cleaning. Ultra-violet is safe, effective, cost cutting and automatic, cleaning in hard to access locations. Build up on coils also causes higher running costs through inefficiency. Lamps and ballasts available for new systems and spares for Steril-Aire and similar systems.


The Model GF600IM germicidal fixture is highly recommended and sought after for walk-in coolrooms to eliminate odours, kill bacteria and mould, extend the storage life of meat and prevent food spoilage.


Control of grease, smoke and odour in commercial kitchens from cooking processes.

Installed in kitchen extraction ductwork in conjunction with filter, UV/Ozone lamps clean the exhaust ducts and hood interior for improved hygiene and reduced cleaning.

Destroys cooking odours, keeps ductwork almost grease free, reduces fire risk, reduces ductwork cleaning to a minimum and is completely automatic in operation.

Lamps and ballasts are available for new systems and spares for Halton and Techniclean systems.


Ozone generators are available which kill mould and odour, remove smoke and smells and destroy bacteria and viruses in the air.

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For air disinfection in air conditioning ducts in homes and commercial applications.



Extensively used in food storage coolrooms especially butchers. Applicable for use in all coolrooms and available with ozone lamps.



Portable unit for home, commercial, medical use in areas up to 70 sq. m.



A smaller portable unit with carry handle and fan also available with ozone and ideal for hotel room air cleansing.



High output wall fixture for upper air irradiation.



Ensures purity of liquid storage tanks.



Portable air and surface unit ideal for Hospital/Clinic use.



Designed for storage of sugar syrup and edible oils.



Room air sanitizers, wall or ceiling mount.



Unit combines UV, ozone and filters for removal of smoke and odours, bacteria and mould.