We offer the most extensive range of high quality Ultra Violet lamps and equipment available in Australasia.

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The UVP pest control range includes I-ZAP Bug Zappers, I-TRAP Bug Trappers and the HALO, ILLUME, COBRA and DECORE hospitality models.


These units automatically attract, kill and collect flying insects all day, every day continuously without the need for smelly fly sprays and chemicals.


Their advantages over other methods are:-

  • Continuous and economical operation
  • Low maintenance and costs
  • Suitable for all areas including food production to hospitality.
  • Glueboards in trappers offer easy monitoring and identification of insects.
  • IT60 trappers are approved for HACCP and QA applications.

We also stock a complete range of replacement and consumable parts including black light lamps (standard or shatterproof ) and glueboards suitable for most brands and models.







HACCP Accredited

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I-Trap Bug Trapper automatically and silently attracts, kills & collects flying insects in high risk and critical food preparation areas. Now also available in stainless steel.



I-Zap Bug Zapper is the traditional zapper. It attracts, kills & collects flying insects in heavily infested non-critical areas.



Translucent ultra violet light enhancing cover provides optimum performance. Highly recommended for use within food manufacturing and kitchen areas due to its QA applications.



Decore, the popular trapper, for indoor use in "front of house" applications. Silent, automatic, odour and smoke free.



The Illume is being used in hundreds of locations and is a compact discreet unit suitable in smaller areas.



Halo is designed for the discerning user with its classy finish in grey and stainless steel look. Available in both 30 watt and 45 watt models.



UVP carries a complete range of glueboards for most insect trapper brands and models.



Shatterproof and standard BL (Black Light) lamps, starters, ballasts, transformers are available for most brands and models.


HACCP Endorsement

For I-TRAP model IT60.