Autumn has arrived in the Southern Hemisphere and already rain showers are starting to fill our rainwater tanks at home.

A lovely fresh supply of water you think, but in reality this is not so.  Once the water hits the roof and makes its way to the tank it collects all sorts of nasties gathered on the roof and guttering.  Animal and bird droppings are gathered with the rainwater and collected in the tank with the occasional carcass etc of a deceased animal.

Rainwater may look clear and fresh, but it is more than likely riddled with uncountable colonies of harmful micro-organisms.  You can develop your own spring water supply by installing an Ultra Violet Water Purifier to the water supply from your tank.

Correctly installed, an Advance UV Purifier, or Atlantic Purifier will kill 99.9% of bugs ensuring a safe fresh chemical free water supply at your tap outlet.  Depending on water condition, a water filter may be required to clarify the water supply. See our Advance & Atlantic water purifiers here.

No more buying spring water, or drinking mains tap water, develop your own supply of the purest rainwater for your family. Talk to us today about the right product & easy installation at home.