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On Site Servicing

To ensure that the UV equipment that you have installed operates at maximum efficiency, lamps must be replaced as recommended by the UV lamp manufacturer.

For replacement lamps, sleeves, parts, and on-site servicing of any UV equipment, contact us and we will arrange a time to conduct this service with our nearest UVP service agent in your area.

Distributor Enquiries

Having looked at our web site and discovering the range of Ultra violet products offered by UVP, we hope that you may be excited at the prospect of becoming a Distributor for the sale of new products and the replacement of UV lamps in existing equipment.

Give us a call or contact us here to discuss with us what you can do for us and we will reveal the profit opportunities available to you in handling our products.

UVP is based in Adelaide, South Australia and we sell to all parts of the world. Is this an opportunity for you to join us on our journey? Call us on 1800 081 880 .

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