On 27 August, 1969,  John W. James, founder of UVP and current Technical Director, joined OLIPHANT Pty Ltd who manufactured  Ultra-violet lamps and equipment and were located in Panorama in South Australia.

He started as a Technical Representative and this was his entry into the Ultra-violet Industry. Oliphant manufactured Germicidal Fittings, Bug Zappers, Laminar Flow Modules and Water Purifiers. The Company opened branches in Sydney and Brisbane and had distributors in all States.

John filled various positions over a decade to become National Sales Manager. He says in 1969,  Oliphant made their first model UV water sterilizers which were immediately installed at the Coca-Cola site in Adelaide.

When promoting Water Purifiers in 1969, we were mostly asked by manufacturers, “Why do we need them?”. In 2019, 50 years later, we now ask the question of manufacturers in the Food and Beverage Industry, “Why haven’t you got them?”.

This same change of attitude is now happening with the use of SANITAIRE Air Purifiers in numerous applications especially in preventing Hospital Aqcuired Infections (HAIs) and reducing FLU infections.

John says the use of germicidal Ultra-violet is still in its infancy and new applications are continuous.