Ultra Violet Fluorescent Analysis

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Analytical UV lamps excite luminescence in substances by using a wavelength in the UV light spectrum to create luminescence and phosphorescence in the visible light region. These lamps are available in UVA, UVB and UVC wavelengths, both AC and DC voltage, and either in lamp or LED form.
They have wide applications in many areas, including;-

– Agriculture and Pest Control

– Product Inspection

– Counterfeit Currency detection

– Curing

– EPROM/Wafer Erasing

– Forensic/Security Inspection


– Gemology and Mineralogy

– Leak Detection

– Biotechnology

– Nondestructive Testing

– Readmission Control

– Sanitary Inspection

– Philately and Numismatics

BL6SV UVA Desk unit

This desk top unit is fitted with a 6 watt BLB long wave filtered lamp and is designed so that material may be passed under the lamp and fluoresced. It has been used for invisible signature systems in banking and extensively by hobbyists in philately and numismatics. 

Identifies any object which has invisible markings including cheques and credit cards.  Measures approx 240mm x 80mm x 80mm with 240v operation and of robust construction. 



UVA-3 Ultra-Violet Flashlight

UVA-3 is a 365 flashlight with carry pouch, aircraft grade alloy with black finish.  This torch is used for leak and mineral detection (filtered blacklight, UVA longwave only)

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UVA-5 Ultra-Violet Inspection Lamp

UVA-5 is a hand-held battery-powered Ultraviolet inspection lamp used for a range of NDT applications.   It is a 365nm wavelength, comes complete with rechargeable battery, durable carry case, UV5-A torch, glasses, lanyard and carry pouch.

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E-series Ultraviolet Hand Lamps 

E-series Ultraviolet Hand Lamps are the most powerful units available of their type.  There are over 30 models which offer various combinations of UV wave length, intensity, size and wattage.

One example is the ENF-280C/FA E–SERIES LAMP 240v, 8ws short/long wavelength – 1 x 365nm & 1 x 254nm tubes with filter assembly. Mains powered short & long wave lamps.

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9SL-12 FIELD UV (365/254nm) lamp, 12volt DC.  Dual short/long wave ultraviolet.  Ideal for fluorescent rock & mineral collecting, forensics, biological research, fossil and artifact verification, non-destructive testing, detecting leaks, pet stains, hunting scorpions, checking currency/stamps/passports and many other applications requiring a source of UV Light.

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