So you thought the mains water supply connected to your premises is free of all micro-organisms because your local utility provider treats it with chlorine?  Unfortunately, this is wrong.

Our Mains Water can still contain two bacteria which are resistant to chlorine.  They are Cryptosproridium and Giardia .  So when you turn on the tap, you could be pouring these two nasty bugs into your cup, saucepan or kettle.  

The New York Water Authorities were aware of this problem and in 2012 installed UV Purifiers to treat the whole of New York’s Water Supply.  The total volume treated is 1.3 billion litres per day. Read more about this incredible feat here in this article in the Scientific American Journal. 

Following this installation, several US States have also installed similar plants.

You can protect your family, food manufacturing, your business, by using UV Purifiers on the mains water supply into your premises to eliminate this infection risk.  Our home use model is the Advance C300 and it is easy and straightforward to install. For industrial application, please  

If high output units are installed, chlorine and fluoride levels can also be neutralized. Learn more here. 

Talk to us today about installing a water treatment system for your business or home and rest easy knowing you’re drinking the best quality water possible.