Ultra Violet Products Australia are the specialists in Chemical-Free Ultra Violet Disinfection & Contamination Control.

Whether it is for Pest control, preventing food spoilage in processing and storage, treating all water supplies or sanitizing air and surfaces, we offer the equipment to conduct this work.

Ultra-violet is clean energy, chemical free and eco-friendly. UV is the answer for safe, effective sanitizing solutions. It destroys all micro-organisms.

Ultra-violet energy is produced by the Sun and is formed into 3 basic wavelengths:

UVC [254nm] short wave, UVB [310 nm] medium wave, and UVA [365nm] long wave.

Lamp manufacturers produce lamps which create these 3 wavelengths.

At UVP we utilize these lamps in applications which have wide and varied use in everyday life.

Ultra-violet is a growth Industry for all wavelengths as new applications are continually being discovered.

How does Ultra Violet work?

UVC disinfection works when short wave energy emitted from a germicidal  lamp penetrates the cell wall on any DNA based contaminent such as bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeasts and fungi. None are resistant to UVC.

The UVC rays alter the DNA and it is rendered unable to reproduce and is therefore deactivated, effectively killing it.

UVC lamps can also be made to produce Ozone [O3]. UVC cannot be overdosed, leaves no residue, requires no cleaning up after treatment and correct dosage ensures instant disinfection.

UVB energy is also used for fluorescence including DNA, precious metals. Medical use including dermatology and curing.

UVA energy is used extensively for attracting flying insects, fluorescing appropriate reactant material, curing and photochemotherapy.

Here at Ultra Violet Products Australia, our combined range of products have wide applications in Food Processing & Manufacturer, Aquaculture, Pharmaceutical, Commercial & Residential applications and in Water re-use.


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UltraViolet Products is a member of IUVA, the International UltraViolet Association.

IUVA provide up-to-the-minute information about developments in UV Products, including technologies and applications in such areas as disinfection technologies and healthcare and associated infections.

This means that the team at UltraViolet Products are able to provide best practises, best products and best advice.

Let us help you find an Ultra Violet solution to your disinfection & contamination needs.


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