For this bulletin we will focus on air disinfection. These days healthcare
facilities require stringent disinfection processes to ensure patients and their
staff are safe. Even when proper prevention measures are taken, diseases can
spread through a hospital wing and affect many people. When added to an
existing routine, germicidal ultraviolet (UV-C) technology provides disinfection
for medical facilities that is CHEMICAL FREE, SAFE, QUICK and EASY to
maintain. In particular these facilities can benefit from the following product

Duct Disinfection

Aerologic: These fixtures are designed to be installed inside new or existing
HVAC air ducts. Airborne microbes inside the ducts are deactivated so that the
air entering various rooms is not plagued by bacteria, mould, and viruses.

UV Indirect Air Disinfection

Hygeaire: Specially-designed louvers direct UV-C radiation to the upper
portions of a room, where air travels with circulation. Mounted at least 7 feet
off the ground, Hygeaire facilitates continuous disinfection as air moves
through its UV rays. These models can be operated in occupied rooms such as
laboratories, cafeterias, examinations rooms and emergency rooms and
waiting rooms.

UV Room Disinfection

Sanitaire: uses a combination of germicidal UV-C Lamps, particulate filters and
blowers for continuous disinfection of room air with little maintenance. These
models can be operated in occupied rooms such as laboratories, cafeterias,
examinations rooms, emergency rooms and waiting rooms. The Models can be
installed in a T-bar ceiling to create an unobtrusive air purification solution.

UV Portable Area Sanitizers

Sanidyne:  Full portability makes the Sanidyne ideal for locations where permanent sanitizers may not be an option such as operating rooms, ICUs, laboratories, examination rooms, morgues and emergency rooms.  Air and exposed surfaces can be sanitized when these areas are unoccupied. With various models sanitization time can be customized depending on the size of the room. When disinfection in one room is complete, the sanitiser is easily transported to the next room.


To download brochures on the above please click on the link for each product, or peruse the full page for UV Air & Surface Disinfection here